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Le Petit Porteur

The self-description on Le Petit Porteurs Instagram page says it all:


"Unique French no brainer, no bullshit, not connected, do-it-all compact cargo bike made of steel in Swagistan"

For us, the framesets (available in three versions, Shorty, OG and Longtail (coming in fall 2024)) are the perfect base to get creative (or crazy 🤪)and let our caribbean-inspired colour schemes pop and shine.

All Porteurs are assembled by us in our showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg. This means that we can accommodate most whishes. Be it a specific colour, be it Sturmey-Archer internal gear hob or Shimano Nexus, be it a SRAM GX 1x10 drivetrain.

What we love about the Porteurs is how well they work with BMX components, which we use for the cockpit, the wheels, and seatpost / seat setup.  

Preorder now for fall 2024

Black Beauty

Black as midnight on a moonless night - this is the colour scheme Cornelia went for. With its nifty tubes this Porteur OG looks classy and elegant, just like a classic cycle truck. 



The Nebula Porteur is ACE! Cycles signature ride. And still one of our favourites.   


Primo Kink

When you tell us 'get funky' - we get FUNKY KINKY PRIMY GO! 


This setup should go directly to MoMa (we think) , this definitely is one of nicest cycletrucks on Berlin's streets.  


How to Buy

In our showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We recommend to arrange an appointment in advance, but walk-ins are very welcome too.

We offer virtual sessions to discuss your use cases and gather all information we need to create a custom offer. You choose the format, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime - all works for us.

You can also order securely and quickly from our Online Shop.

Le Petit Porteur

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