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The Circe Helios

The Circe Helios tandem is our shop's staple piece. In fact, if you would ask us "What started ACE! Cycles?" our answer would be - The Circe Helios.

Here we tell this story and hope you fall in 💙 with this unique piece of bicycle engineering as we did.

And if you want to try one out: There's always a Circe Helios available at our showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The Helios is most often used as a family bike - The Captain can be up to 185cm tall and the stoker seat accommodates everyone from child-sized humans up to 170cm. With the optional separable frame, the Helios can be converted into a triplet or a long tail cargo bike.

It's 20" wheels are super sturdy and there is a wide range of tire options available. And the smaller wheels make the Helios so compact that it is extremely easy to take on the train or in a medium sized car.

oben 1.jpg

The Beginning

Becoming  father to J**** was the greatest thing Claas ever experienced. And never ever crossed it his mind that the new role of a caretaker would be a major impediment to his bikepacking and long distance cycling adventures.

The search for the right equipment started so Claas' family could continue their car-free-lifestyle and long distance traveling journey by bike.

Trial and Error

Over the years, as J**** grew, the travel bike fleet also grew. For a while, the Omnium Cargo was the base, later replaced by a SOMA Tradesman.


Many different seating systems were prototyped, tested and iterated. 

oben 1.jpg
oben 3k.jpg

The Circe Helios

When Claas discovered the Circe Helios, he was hooked. J**** was now 5 years old, eager to stoke the pedals himself. All bikes he tried before weren't really 100% to his satisfaction. So he decided to give the Helios a try.

And what's to say: Since then, no new bikes were added to the fleet, the Helios is the perfect fit for all their needs. Be it everyday commuting through Neukölln and Kreuzberg; be it multi-week adventures through Kosovo and Greece.

Circe Helios Specs and Options

How to Buy

In our showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg you can experience the Helios and book a test ride. We recommend to arrange an appointment in advance, but walk-ins are very welcome too.

We offer virtual sessions to discuss your use cases and gather all information we need to create a custom offer. You choose the format, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime - all works for us.

In our online shop you can choose from two Out-of-The-Box configurations. Both variants can be upgraded with a seperable frame - just add the item 'Seperable Frame Upgrade' to the cart when ordering.

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