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Pack your HELIOS tandem into a compact travel case to take on the plane, or transform your tandem into a cargo bike, a triplet or even a quadruplet (case, longtail rack, triplet & quadruplet modules sold seperately).


 The 'Seperable Frame' upgrade is only available in combination with a complete Helios tandem. 


Cyclecentric has a great disassembly and assembly video on YOUTUBE.

Circe HELIOS / Separable Frame Upgrade

SKU: Helios SeperableFrame Upgrade
550,00 €Price
VAT Included |
  • The top and down tube is fitted with couplings. The tandem can be dissassembled and assembled in 15-30 minutes. This process requires basic mechanical skills (but we will happily teach you ;)) 

  • When ordered together with on of our HELIOS models, the frame will be equipped with the top and bottom bar couplings at the manufacturers site in Cambridge UK. It will then be shipped to our workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg for the build. Expect 2-3 extra weeks until the bike is ready for pickup.

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